By Star Traylor

Julia had six pacifiers: One white, two pink, one green, two orange. When Julia turned 4, her mom and dad said the pacifier fairy was going to take them away. So Julia hid the pacifiers.

She took them all and put them in a purple box with silver sequins on the lid. She put the box in the back corner of her closet where the pacifier fairy would never find them.

That night, the pacifier fairy came, but she didn’t find Julia’s pacifiers.

Julia went without her paci all the next day so no one would know she still had them.

She went without them the day after that and the day after that again.

On the fourth day, she remembered her pacifiers.

She went to look in her closet, in the box.

There they were.

Julia put the lid back on the box and closed the door and went outside.

Her pacifiers were safe and sound and they always would be, in case she needed them.

But she never did.


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