img032By Star Traylor

Every day had a theme for Robert. There was the day he found an old typewriter in his grandmother’s attic. Then there was the time his friend Avery was having a birthday party. The theme was elephants.
But today, Robert was bored.
He asked his mother, “Can I go to the toy store?”
“No,” said his mother.
He asked his father, “Will you make me a boat in your woodshop?”
“Not today,” said his father.
Left to his own thoughts, Robert decided to make a potion.
He pushed a chair up to the sink and filled an empty cup with water.
He borrowed a few items from his mother’s spice rack: garlic powder, thyme, oregano, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla extract, coffee grounds, onion powder, curry, vegetable oil, and some Dawn dishwashing liquid.
His special potion overflowed the cup, its magical aromas drifting through the air.
“Robert,” his mother asked, “What on earth are you doing?”
She looked inside the sink and saw Robert’s potion.
“I made you a drink,” he said.
“It prevents wrinkles.”
Robert’s father came in.
“What is that terrible smell?” he asked.
“Robert made a potion,” his mother said.
Robert’s father looked into the sink at the potion.
“Come along, Robert,” he said. “Let’s go make something in the woodshop.”
Robert was never bored for very long.


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