Making the team

You know what stinks? Sitting in the hallway doing your best friend’s AP English homework and listening to Kendra Holland talk about her cookies.

Mrs. Thomson asked me if I would do hall duty for her during my study hall and I said sure. I don’t know how to say no. When Conor asked me to help him write his paper, I knew it would turn into me writing it for him, but I said yes anyway. I hate Greek mythology.

Conor is my best friend. We’re on the yearbook committee together. He’s really smart, but sometimes he doesn’t feel like doing all of his own work so he gets me to help him. He’s two years older than me, but I can still do his homework.

He’s a really good photographer and he’s good with computers, but he’s really shy so he doesn’t like talking to people he doesn’t know. Last week, he went into the school store where Kendra was working and he tried to take her picture for the yearbook, but she yelled at him because she didn’t have her hair done that day. She kicked him out of the store.

I can’t stand Kendra. She’s a varsity cheerleader. She has black, wavy hair that goes all the way down her back. Today she’s wearing a purple dress with black leggings and stupid Ugg boots. She’s telling Donte Jackson how she and her stupid friends made Christmas cookies last weekend and took pictures of them and posted them on Facebook. Donte’s a basketball player and he’s really cute.

What Kendra doesn’t know is that Conor has had a crush on her the whole time he’s been in high school. He thinks she’s so pretty. It probably took him weeks to get up the nerve to go in there to take her picture. And then she threw him out. Girls like her make me sick.

Conor is kind of cute, but we don’t like each other that way. And anyway, I’m already going with Josh Ferling. Josh isn’t my type. He drives a pickup truck and he hunts. But I do like how he isn’t scared of anything. One time Josh and I were at the fair and this guy working at one of the booths yelled “Hey” and pretended like he was going to throw a ball at me, but he didn’t do it.

Josh was like, “You got a problem, man? What is your problem?” And the guy was like, “No, man, I don’t have a problem. No disrespect.”

So at least I know Josh won’t let some mean boy drag me off into the woods.

Conor wouldn’t fight for a girl. He’s not a fighter. Like if he ever got up the nerve to ask Kendra to the prom and she said yes and then some guy like Donte tried to beat him up over it, he would totally let Donte have Kendra.

Josh wouldn’t do that. He never lets anyone else win. Neither one of them knows how to pick their battles.

But I do. I tried out for cheerleading last year and didn’t even make junior varsity. I’m going to lose four pounds and try out again this spring for next year.

Conor says I could lose it easy if I ran track like him. He says I don’t need to lose it, but I could. Conor says I’m kind of pretty, but I think he just says that so I’ll write his papers when he doesn’t feel like it. We have the same lunch period. Sometimes for lunch all I eat is a brownie that I got from the school store. Conor says if I would just eat normal food like him I’d probably feel better and not be so cranky all the time.

Whatever. I pig out every day when I get out of school. Me and Kylie go to the store and get Doritos and Skittles and sodas. But I’m going to stop now and lose four pounds before tryouts this year. I’m not just a yearbook nerd. They’ll see. This year, I’m going to make the team.


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