If we are lucky

We spoil our kids

because we are sorry.

We brought them here

to keep us company

and love us.

And now they have to feel,

All the pain we felt and maybe more.

The tide will take your sandcastle,

The sun will set.

And I can’t guarantee anything,

Not even that I will be here tomorrow

Or that you will be.

Where will we go?

That depends.

If we are lucky,

We will not experience too much pain,

But you will hurt

Even when it’s not your fault.

And sometimes it will be your fault

And that hurts, too.

And if I gave you my advice now

Or tried to inspire you

Or made promises

And said there are no monsters

It would seem insincere.

And I am running out of time

And running out of paper

So I will leave you

my love.

If I never say it again,

I love you.


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